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    Any machine will wear and tear after being used for a period of time, including annual physical examination. In the process of using the machine, we should use it carefully and check it regularly to prolong the service life of the machine! What maintenance methods are commonly used for two-component sealant dispenser?
    Mandatory maintenance law
    This method is to make a specific plan in advance for the maintenance date, category and content of machinery and equipment, and strictly follow the plan, regardless of the actual technical status of machinery and equipment. The advantage is that it is convenient to make full preparations before maintenance, and can effectively ensure the normal operation of processing equipment. This method is applicable to particularly important and complex machinery and equipment that must strictly ensure safe operation.
    Periodic maintenance method
    According to the actual use of machinery and equipment and referring to the relevant maintenance cycle, the planned date and approximate maintenance workload of machinery and equipment maintenance are formulated. This method is conducive to the preparation before maintenance.
    Maintenance after inspection
    This method specifies the inspection plan of machinery and equipment in advance, and determines the maintenance date and content according to the inspection results and previous maintenance data. This method is simple and easy to operate, but the preparation before maintenance will be affected if it is not mastered well.
    Partial detection method
    Its characteristic is that all parts of two-component sealant dispenser equipment are not tested at the same time, but are tested separately according to the independent parts of the equipment in order. Only part of the equipment is tested each time. The advantage of this method is that because the detection workload is scattered and the whole is broken into parts, it can be detected during holidays or non production time, which can increase the production time of equipment and improve the utilization rate of equipment.
    Parts inspection method
    Dismantle the equipment parts to be tested and replace them with the same parts prepared in advance, that is, replace them with simple "insert" and "pull out" methods. The advantage of this method is that it can save disassembly time, while the disadvantage is that it requires a certain number of spare parts and takes up a lot of money.
    Synchronous detection method
    It refers to multiple equipment that are closely related to each other in the process of production, and are arranged to be tested in the same time period to achieve synchronization of testing, so as to reduce the downtime of decentralized repair.
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