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    In order to operate the equipment scientifically, correctly and safely, prevent the damage of wrong operation to personnel and equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment, the two-component sealant manufacturer will share the safety precautions for the use of the sealant.
    1. It is forbidden to drop waste glue on the ground.
    2. It is prohibited to discharge the waste rubber bucket to the industrial garbage bin.
    3. Do not touch the running parts of the pump during operation.
    4. It is prohibited to plug the leakage directly by hand.
    5. It is prohibited to flush the equipment with inflammable materials.
    6. It is prohibited to use beyond the limit pressure of the pump and hydraulic components.
    In addition, non specialized maintenance personnel are required not to repair and debug the machine. The operator must be familiar with the performance and mechanism of the machine, understand the scope of application and the professional technical procedures of the machine, and master the safety operation procedures. Before work, the operator must check whether the equipment is in good condition, whether the air source and power supply are in normal condition, whether the safety protection device is in good condition and meet the process requirements. Operators must wear labor protection appliances correctly. The operator shall not touch the gluing equipment with his hands or other parts of his body; It is not allowed to aim the gluing port at anyone. When stopping gluing, the operator should lock the trigger. After the work is completed, stop the compression cylinder, press the stop button, clean the machine tool, clean the rubber valve, turn off the power and air supply, and fill in the spot check table. After the work is completed or when it is not used for a long time, the heating power and air supply should be turned off.
    The above is about the use of glue machine safety prohibitions, I hope to help you. If necessary, welcome customers to consult http://www.floridases.com We will wholeheartedly provide you with excellent technical guidance and good service.


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